Project Team

Lorna Pike, Project Co-ordinator Lorna Pike, Director of Lexicography. She is an experienced historical lexicographer and former member of the editorial team which completed the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (1931-2002). Her first post in lexicography was as an editor of the Concise Scots Dictionary (1985). She has also worked part-time as a Senior Editor for Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd and part-time as Research Officer for the Feasibility Study for an Institute for the Languages of Scotland. She is the full-time lexicographer working on the editorial foundation for the dictionary.
Sharon Arbuthnot Sharon Arbuthnot, Trainee Lexicographer, graduated from the University of Aberdeen with an MA (Hons) in GÓidhlig and carried out doctoral work at the same university. For the past decade, she has been employed mainly as a researcher and editor on the electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (eDIL). She has particular research interests in medieval glossaries, manuscripts and the language of medicine.
Alasdair Campbell Alasdair Campbell, Trainee Lexicographer. Alasdair graduated with an MA (hons) in Celtic and Classics from the University of Edinburgh in 2000. He worked as a journalist for the West Highland Free Press for a number of years before becoming a freelance journalist and translator in 2005. As a translator, he was involved in translating a wide range of materials into Gaelic for various public bodies, and as a journalist he was one of the main contributors to the Scotsman’s Gaelic page. He is a Trainee Lexicographer for the dictionary.
Marace Dareau, Editorial Consultant Marace Dareau, Editorial Consultant. She was Editorial Director of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (1931-2002) and an editor of the Concise Scots Dictionary (1985). She was Principal Editor of Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd until 2014. She also edited the glossary of the Edinburgh Encyclopaedia of English Language and Linguistics (1994). She is Lexicographical Consultant for the dictionary.
Professor William Gillies Professor William Gillies, Honorary Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He has extensive research interests, including the Gaelic of the Middle Ages, the Book of the Dean of Lismore, and the Books of Clanranald, of which he is completing a major edition. His contribution to Gaelic dialectology is most evident in his role in the successful completion and publication of the Survey of the Gaelic Dialects of Scotland (1994-7). As Project Manager from 1994-2001, he led the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue project to its successful conclusion. He is a Language Consultant for the dictionary.
Ruaraidh MacIntyre

Ruaraidh MacIntyre, Trainee Lexicographer. . A native Gaelic speaker from South Uist, Ruaraidh graduated with an MA (Hons) in GÓidhlig from the University of Glasgow in 2014 before some time as a corpus assistant at DASG. He spent 5 years at the Scottish Government, in Gaelic language policy, planning and translation. He has particular interests in Gaelic music and song, as well as place-names, serving on the steering committee of Ainmean-└ite na h-Alba (Gaelic Place-names of Scotland). He is a Trainee Lexicographer for the dictionary.

Martina Maher

Dr Martina Maher. Martina has a PhD in Celtic Studies from the University of Glasgow. Her main research interests lie in medieval and early modern Gaelic literature, particularly that of the Finn Cycle, in textual criticism and editions of manuscript texts. Alongside Dr Eystein Thanisch, she is a manuscript researcher for Faclair na Gàidhlig.  

Mark McConville Mark McConville. Mark is a computational linguist, who graduated with a PhD from Edinburgh University’s School of Informatics in 2006. He was Glasgow University’s Soillse research fellow from 2010 to 2015 and is now project manager on the DASG project (Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic), and is involved in the LEACAG project ( Mark is Systems Consultant for the dictionary.
Sharon Pearson Sharon Pearson, Project Manager.  Sharon is an experienced operational, project and line manager and academic administrator with work experience in the NHS, the voluntary sector, and the University of Edinburgh.  She brings excellent organisational skills, and a passion for education.  She recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University / Association of University Administrators (AUA) with a Pg Cert in Higher Education Administration, Management and Leadership.  Her undergraduate degree is in Japanese studies and she has a keen interest in languages, currently studying Gaelic. She has recently relocated to the Highlands.
Olga Szczesnowicz Olga Szczesnowicz, Trainee Lexicographer. Ola graduated with an MA in English Studies from the University of Warsaw in 2001 and in 2009 she gained an MA in Celtic Studies at the University of Glasgow, where she was a corpus assistant on the DASG (Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic) project from 2008 to 2018.  She is a Trainee Lexicographer for the dictionary.
Dr Eystein Thanisch Dr Eystein Thanisch, Eystein graduated with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2015. He has research interests in medieval manuscript literature, in particular, in the making of scholarly authority in historiography. Recently, he has developed a strong interest in the study of medicine in the medieval Gàidhealtachd and in the Beatons. Alongside Martina Maher, he is a manuscript researcher for the dictionary.